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Any radiographer expats? I need tips on relocating (London)

Hi, I'm a radiographer from Australia that thinking of relocating to London. I was wondering if there's any radiographer expat in London or maybe someone that works in hospital/health related jobs that could give me tips and advice in moving there.

At the moment my biggest concerns are matters regarding visa, licenses and job opportunity. I'm thinking of getting the youth mobility visa but not sure whether there's any restriction for working hours with this visa. Then there's a matter of getting my professional license to work as a radiographer there.

I also check the salary for radiographer there and NHS published a salary tier that range from Protected content . That was considerably low compared to Australian standard so I was wondering if the living standard there will balance this? I mean how much do I need per week to survive in London (including rent/food/transport etc)?

Lastly, if anyone can give me a general overview how the health system works there that would be great. For example, any pros or cons in working in a public hospital compared to private clinic?

any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot



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