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Australian heading to the UK - jobs? (London)


Happy New Year to all ..

My wife and I are looking to head to the UK from Sydney, Australia. We are well-versed in the need to ensure the bills can be paid, hence my interest in this Forum as another avenue to raise the proverbial public profile as far as employment opportunities are concerned.

I just ticked over to 40 years of age (no, this isn't a midlife crisis, more just a desire to explore the international scene for a decade or three) .. and I've done the following:

- been a secondary (high school) teacher of English and History to Protected content olds (7 years)
- been a deputy school principal and school principal (all by the age of 33!)
- worked as a senior education officer where I was a consultant to a system of 50 schools in Sydney, with 50 school principals under my jurisdiction
- been a director of: information technology, communications, administration (all separate roles)
- currently a senior university director / chief of staff

I have two Masters degrees in Leadership and Management, and currently trawling through my PhD - but it's Protected content from any form of completion.

Needless to say, we are super-keen to relocate to the UK. We are not wedded to any particular location - happy to explore all points of the compass as far as employment and living are concerned - it's more about the most correct opportunity for us.

Other than living a happy and healthy life, I'm strongly committed to a long-term opportunity in the UK and a hard-worker with a great sense of humour at the least ... so my employment interests are:

- General Management
- Human Resource leadership / consultancy
- Operations management / business management
- Communications (I am told I have a brilliant voice for radio - probably because I use to work on radio!)

Whatever the work, it needs to be stable, appropriately remunerated for the nature of the work, and provide for visa sponsorship (to enable me to pass the UKBA points system for Australian migrants).

Not sure if this particular post will capture the 'right' eye(s), but happy to converse further via return email in the first instance should you have some ideas.

My email address: Protected content


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