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Automate your business, what to know how? (London)

Many professionals and business owners wonder how they can spend less time marketing their work so that they can focus on delighting clients.

They often ask:

1. How can I be as efficient as possible in my marketing so that I don't waste time or money?

2. How can I spend less time on activities that I don't like (e.g. marketing and sales) and more time on activities that I love (e.g. Speaking)?

3. Every time I get busy with clients, marketing falls behind, so I end up with a "feast or famine" cycle. How can I avoid the frustration of being swamped with work one month and famished the next?

4. How can I get clients to come to me instead of having to chase them?

These are just some of the questions, professionals and business owners as themselves everyday.

I have sold $10s Millions worth of products and services, achieving sales of $1 million in 1 month.

By understanding the different on-line platforms and programs, to building strong foundations, having a clear marketing strategy both on and off line and good sales technique.

There are just so many things that an entrepreneur has to think about:

* Find my target audience
* Build my list
* Send out a broadcast to everyone on my list
* Publish an ebook so it can be downloaded automatically after purchase
* Set up Auto responders to continue in building the relationship
* Shopping carts that can Up-sell, cross-sell and even down-sell
* Post articles on 100s of websites for FREE
* Set up backlinks
* Track and test everything I send out through Social Media
* Bookmark my articles on dozens of bookmarking sites for FREE
* Communicate with all my followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ecademy
* How do I get 100s of salesman promoting me, so they all get paid?
* Understand the value of having Front, Middle and Back products.

Here's what Peter Gouge - (Technical Director) The Fulvic Acid Company had to say:
“Since working with Warren Knight my company has gone from strength to strength. We now have a clear marketing strategy and a new brand.
Before Warren came on board to help us, we had very little sales expertise and the business was struggling. Warren has breathed new life into the company and his contribution to our re-launch has been priceless”

These are 3 recent companies that I worked with recently to give them a strong brand presence with the ultimate outcome of automating their business and drive traffic to their website and events.

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As a special offer to Steve, I have agreed a 30 minute consultation by phone for FREE to discuss you immediate needs, to see if we can work together in building your profile and automating your business.

Please feel free to email me at Protected content or call me on Protected content .

To your success,


Warren Knight
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