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British Ex-Pats Terrorise Danish-British Family Fo (London)

I lived in Bangkok from Protected content 2009. In Protected content British ex-pats who I knew came and warned me that Shinawtra had planned to make an example of an ex-pat living it up in Thailand and this person was going to go through hell on earth my ex-pat friends so scared they closed down their businesses in Bangkok and moved elsewhere in Asia . (This all turned out to be lies Shinawatra hadn't arranged to terrorise the hell out of anyone ).
Everything went fine until Protected content some British ex pats started terrorising me and my family. They first started on my 11 year old daughter . They psycho-terrorised her every night for nine months until she became suicidal. Whilst it was going on I woke up at 3.00a.m. andand saw a man coming out of her bedroom I j to tried and catch him but he got away before I caught up with him. According to her three British men were terrorising her every night so she only got about two hours sleep a night for nine months.
Some six months later some British people started terrorising me claiming I was a pedophile. They were broadcasting these allegations and horrific claims for everyone to hear. They claimed they worked for PM Shinawatra (I later found out to be all lies) and he hired them to terrorise me. They turned thousands of Thais against me claiming they were old friends of mine but not anymore because they had found out I sexually abused my children and beat up my two former Thai wives. They had obtained a key to my 10 million Baht Range Rover and were stealing things out of the car. In 12 months I had 45 mobile phones stolen and over 5 years I was robbed Protected content (that is three times a day). They stole everything. They set my home on fire the placed was wrecked. They had been going around broadcasting to people that I was a pedophile. Then I rented a serviced apartment and a girl came to visit me she seemed very very angry and had two containers with her. I told her I am not a pedophile if she's been told this someone is lying to her. She calmed down and showed me what was in the containers. One was full of razor blades cut up into 2mm strips and the other was full of concentrated hydrochloric acid. She told me these British men had told her I was a pedophile and asked her to visit me and put the razor blades in my food and the acid in my drink. She left but I was visited by two more girls one after the other both armed with razor blades and hydrochloric acid.
On another occasion I booked a room in a small hotel and when I came back to the room the manager looked really angry . He told me not to go to my room but to use the vacant room opposite and look through the spyhole. After 5 minutes a little boy of about 10 years old came to the door of my room and started knocking on the door. Then another 10 year old boy did the same thing and over 45 minutes Protected content old boys came to my room.
I got hauled into Yannawa Police Station and seated at a table then 2 young boys about 10 years old came in and sat opposite me. I thought the police are going to accuse me of sexually abusing these boys but the boys told the police they had never seen me before.
I walked past a building site and a builder dropped a 10Kg concrete block off a second floor scaffold platform and it just missed my head he had been told I was a pedophile.
I was driving down Thanon Chalong Kreung at about mid-night and all the way down the road I could hear someone shouting "tuck off tuck off" time and time again. Then the car in front of me stopped and two men Asians got out and walked up to my car and asked me why I'd been shouting tuck off as I was driving behind them I explained it wasn't me then a third man came to my drivers window who was as white as a sheet and European and he violently punched me in the head three times I was covered in blood .
These people behind this campaign against me appeared to be British but Thais were involved as well but not doing the terrorising just the robbing and cheating.
These British people terrorising me trying to drive me and my family out of Thailand thought they could get their hands on the land if I was no longer around. . I believe they may have then been selling the land to third parties claiming it to be their land when they stole it.
They were using a broadcast system when they were stating terrible defamtory comments about me including claiming I was a pedophile so many people heard their lies.
If you have any idea who these people are who were using false IDs when they were terrorising me and my family please send an email to Police General Suwat Jangyodsuk, Commissioner-General at Protected content with any details you have about them. They threatened to hurt my 11 year old son and what they did to him is they grabbed him then while two of them held his arms behind his back they smashed him face first into a concrete playground base intending to disfigure his face for life.
Erik JC Young
Tel: Protected content

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