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Coaching To Rise (London)

Why work with Cristina Carlos at Coaching to Rise?

My mission is to create a safe space where we silence the world so you can listen to yourself and find your way to the best version of yourself.

“Cristina has this capacity to make you feel safe to open up, start seeing who you really are and all of your potential.Since the first session I was confident it would work.”

Have you lost clarity? Are you looking for your purpose? Not sure what is the best next step?

“I used to feel quite lost about my life purpose and what step to take next. I had a lot of unorganised and unanswered questions in my mind. But after working with Cristina Carlos I have learned how to organize those questions in a productive way in order to find important answers. (…) also asked me new questions that were eye opening.”

You know what you want and cant understand why you are not getting it? You know you deserve more yet cant seem to find that way?
You have read all those books and applied all the strategies and still…
You cant seem to get there?

"Cristina is an inspiring and insightful coach.
She has the ability to listen to the verbal and nonverbal cues to understand the key drivers, motivations and blockers to an individual achieving his/her potential. I highly recommend Cristina if you’re looking to challenge the status quo in your career and need a different perspective and motivation to become a business leader.“

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