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Coaching To Rise (London)

My name is Cristina Carlos and I am a life coach and career coach, the founder of Coaching To Rise.

I discovered coaching when I was in a crossroad in my life. For years I had been climbing an invisible ladder in the direction of someone else’s definition of success. One day I found myself drifting in my life with no purpose or sense of fulfilment.

So I paused!

In fact, the pause was a journey back to myself, to my redefinition of a successful and purposeful life. Coaching took me to a safe place where I could recognise my potential, develop my skills and transform my personal and professional life.
Previous to being a coach I worked in the health sector where I had a vibrant career, and for 17 years I worked in a Corporate, International Development and National Health System. I covered different regions of the globe, namely post-war Iraq, Angola, Mozambique, East Timor, my lovely Lisbon and now London, my new home.

By my mid thirties I had great job, I had travelled the world and I had even lived a life of luxury.

Yet something was still missing...

Change had to come.

Change happened unexpectedly, uncontrollably and with far too many regrets. That's when I discovered coaching...
With coaching I learned to silence the voice of others and let that inner whisper direct me back to my authentic self.

My mission is to replicate and amplify that safe space where we silence the world so you can listen to yourself and find your way to the best version of yourself.

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