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Do you do tax refund in UK? (London)



I live in the UK since a year now and since I keep on getting emails and phones calls from a company who wants to do my tax refund application.

I am used to claim tax back from the time I have been living in Europe. We do it in Austria, I know it is done in Swiss and problably everywhere :) And yes, usually I would not do it by myself but give it to a solicitor who will charge about 300quit and then I will possibly get back about the double amount from the state, but it really depends on your expenses and money you paid for insurance and health care.

But usually I would be the one who gets in contact with a solicitor and not they who are seeking for clients. Also when I speak to my friends and colleagues in the UK, no-one really knows what this tax refund is. Which is very suspicious to me, because in Europe tax refund is a very big topic, everyone talks about it all the time :)

So my question for the people who are used to claim tax money back, can you please let me know if you keep doing this since you live in the UK and if yes, how do you get it done?

Many thanks


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