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Environment Protection (London)

My name is Csaba Tamas Bor.

I’m a business man from Dublin.
I'm expanding my international business
(environmental program) in UK.
I would like to open a representation in London and looking for
4-5 reliable Polish people who can lead, manage the
business! Don’t know anyone, so that’s why I need your help.

If you know someone who could possibly help me with the
coming 15-years project (Of course not for
free ....) I would really appreciate ...!

The person would need to speak english, and necessary to have
Computer with internet access at home, it is important that he/she is in the country for at least one year ....
We are talking about Protected content a week to start with.

I’m very happy to talk in more detail if I get a name with a phone number and we can make an appointment.

Thank you for your help,

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