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Expat buying a house or flat in London

Hi, I would love to hear experiences of expats who bought (or tried to buy) a house or flat in London. I am a German citizen, lived the past 20 years in the US, and recently moved to London and would like to buy a property (this would make a first-time buyer). However, I'm wondering whether lenders will use info about my US credit history in assessing me. I have a sterling credit history from my 20 years there, but since I just moved to the UK I obviously haven't been able to build much history here yet. I was stunned when I tried to get a UK credit card organised upon moving here that the bank said I would likely have to wait a few years (!!) to do so, because the bank does not take into account in one's credit history outside of the UK. This can't really be, or? So: please share any experiences expats have had to tried to buy housing in London after a recent move to the UK.

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