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Film Screening: From Namibia with Love (London)

WELCOME to a documentary film screening! Free entrance.
"From Namibia with Love" with the director Laura Meriläinen-Amaumo

From Namibia with Love Protected content a documentary film about love, struggle and devotion for Namibia. It tells the life story of a Finnish-Namibian couple Anita and Salatiel Ailonga. Anita Ailonga is a former missionary and comes from Finland. Her husband Salatiel Ailonga, theologian, is Namibian.

The story begins in the Protected content when Anita and Salatiel meet and fall in love. Together they begin to help the Namibian liberation movement, SWAPO, which was fighting the South African apartheid regime. But in the mid Protected content the couple witness human rights violations executed by SWAPO. Anita and Salatiel speak against the violations which leads to an infected conflict with the SWAPO leadership. As a result the couple are forced to flee Africa to Anita's homeland Finland. They only return to Africa in the Protected content when Namibia gained its independence. After settling to Northern Namibia they quickly notice that they are being labeled as traitors. The films shows how the events that took place 30 years ago still burden their life. The couple's devotion and love for each other and for Namibia is the main threat of the film. The beauty of Owamboland paints a beautiful scenery for the film that is full of emotions, sadness but also humor and love.

The film has been screened in Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Finland, Sweden and is now being screened in the U.K for the first time. In Protected content film was nominated for best documentary in the Namibian Film and Theatre Awards. The director Laura Meriläinen-Amaumo is a Finnish journalist and a filmmaker, who spend five years living in Namibia, South Africa and Kenya.

After the screening you will have the possibility to ask question and discuss with the director.

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Directions to the venue:
Nearest stations: Canonbury and Highbury and Islington.
Buses 30 and Protected content along St Paul's Road.
Buses 4, 19, 38, 56, Protected content , 341, Protected content a few minutes walk away.

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