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I’m a qualified, multilingual and passionate coach helping people to find their balance, make important decisions and transform their lives.

I coach on many aspects of personal and professional life, but my specialty is in three areas
which often create a lot of uncertainty and turbulence both emotionally and practically:

- Becoming a parent – I support people thinking about starting a family, mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be, new mums and dads, and those with decisions to make on their child's development or having another child.

- Relocation and expatriation – I support people who are foreigners in the country in which they live, or who will be in the future, or who are thinking about the idea as an option.

- Relationships – I support people at all stages of relationship decisions whether it be starting or ending a relationship, dealing with challenges, making changes within a relationship or taking things to the next level.

I also work with clients on the following themes:

• Stress reduction
• Overall health and well-being
• Self-discovery and exploration
• Work and life balance
• Gaining clarity of thinking
• Facing and overcoming fear
• Enhancing social skills
• Confidence and self-belief
• Motivation and energy level
• Interests and passions
• Personal development
• Handling pressure
• Changing habits
• Change management
• Time management
• Goal setting
• Taking action
• Overcoming procrastination
• Weight loss or gain

I have a core philosophy and approach based around a small number of keys to success.
With me as your coach, to find the answers you're looking for, you will:
• Step outside your comfort zone
• Connect with your inner feelings
• Explore your life's big questions
• Understand yourself better than before
• Detach from your attachments
• Develop new perspectives
• Make the right decisions for you

One of the great things about coaching is it unlocks the most valuable insights into how you do things and what works (and what doesn’t).
You will discover the answers from within yourself and feel completely empowered to act on them to make them a reality within your mindset and your life in practice.
You will see the benefits immediately and that will make you both positive and proud – it's happened with all my other clients and will happen with you!

I am a qualified Life Coach, dedicated to work with my clients to help them achieve the life they truly want.
On a personal note, I have lived a full and varied life. I am a professional languages teacher, a business owner as well as a wife and mother. I've previously worked in tourism and advertising, living in 3 different countries and I speak Spanish, English, French and Italian.
I understand the challenges of balancing success at work with a healthy family life. I have a lot of experience in juggling all the balls in life, of identifying my own weaknesses or fears in my personal journey, and of working hard to improve them.
It's taken a lot of time and effort to discover my true self, to identify what my priorities are in life, and learning how to put my own needs first occasionally without feeling stressed, conflicted or guilty.
Most importantly, I've discovered that you can be all the things you want to be in life, and I am determined to help my clients discover that for themselves.

ITC accredited Life Coaching Diploma
CPD Relationship and Couple Coaching
CPD Health and Wellness.
CPD Emotional Intelligence
CPD Speak without Limits – Public Speaking
CPD Communication – Body Languages.

I am the founder and director of ADC Languages Ltd

To find out more, email Protected content or call Protected content .
Skype Arantxa de Dios
Looking forward to hearing from you