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free dinner show (London)

In collaboration with foremost health and nutrition company(saladmaster) who specialise in food preparation methods and provides world class kitchen products made from titanium, which enables cooking without use of grease, fats & oils e.t.c and also retains up to 93% of the nutritional value in foods (example: chicken cooked in its natural juices with no oil, vegetables cooked with no water, all foods cooked at low temp in half the time of conventional methods)
We would be obliged to conduct free 2 hour dinner shows for any one or group of individuals whose interested ;a six course heart healthy meal which would be prepared in your presence showcasing cooking methods and specialty kitchen products, including healthy cooking and eating life style habits that have helped millions of people steer away from so-called lifestyle sicknesses( High Cholesterol, obesity, e.t.c).
These free dinner shows have been a hit in New-York by ‘Red 5’ where we started showcasing and now we are offering same in London for individuals or groups who wish to enjoy the experience.
If inclined respond via forum, PM on internations or via email ‘ Protected content ’ so we can set it up,

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