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Freelance/Consultant Producer (London)


Good morning to you all. I am a London based 'Producer' of live events, museum exhibitions, staged shows, attractions and short films.

I have worked and consulted on projects across the US, Europe and the ME over the past 5 years. I am growing in the specialist arena of extending companies and brands into touring exhibitions and attractions.

Many brands are unaware that their products and services lend themselves so well to this new concept. Brands with VISION will identify this as a viable new opportunity to grow, seek out new and innovative ways to reach new audiences whilst simultaneously re-engage with existing audiences.

I have consulted for a host of clients across:

Global Brands
Exhibition Companies
Festivals & Cultural Organisations
Visitor Attractions
Education & Science Institutions
Government Departments
Tourism Organisations
Shopping Malls

Please get in touch if you require a unique service like this and wish to grow your brand and extend into new markets via touring exhibitions.

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