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German and French speaking guy looking for a job (London)

Hi, my name is Xavier Petry, I am aged 20 and I am currently looking for a job.
I came to the UK to take part in a Work&Travel programme to improve my English, get some work experience and to travel around the Uk.
I can speak 4 languages which are English, German, French and Luxembourgish.
German and Luxembourgish are my mother tongues.
All the languages are fluent and I attended English classes in Bournemouth. I have the CEF level C1.
I have work experience especially working in retail and doing outside work (e.g. gardening). I also have experience working in an office. I also know how to work in a busy place (I had a trial shift in a restaurant on the easter weekend). I am flexible where to work and what times to work (e.g. in the evening or night). I can work in the weeks from Monday to Friday and also in the weekends. If you have a job opportunity please contact me. Thank you

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