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Giving Ebook 295 pages of info on Social Media (London)

Success stories are out there - for example Timothy Ferris wrote the 4 Hour WorkWeek, which has been inspirational to many entrepreneurs, have you read it yet?

I had this burning desire to write a book, and did so over Protected content . I finally published it on LULU and to date have sold just one copy! That doesn't mean it's not well-written, it just means that it's hard to make a marketing plan for just one book.

I learned some hard stories about that, and was still considering paying out even more money to sell how many copies?

At yesterdays meeting of Building the Christmas Brand - A Brand Network get together in the West End of London, I shared my idea's with the group, and Mark Wing suggested I give the book away. I had been thinking along those lines too, but was tempted to pay another publisher more money to launch the book again.

Some Protected content .... lots of work - a dream, and now as a special present to all of you, I am going to give it away - How To Make Money Virtually the facts around how to loose money, and then how to many money - it's worth reading and to those among you who might like to use some of the content for your blogs - you may as long as you quote me as the source and Catch Friday Media - here is the link to your free copy! How to make money virtually Protected content Protected content link in my blog. This not an advertising book - it's full of tips and info.

Happy Christmas!

If after reading it anyone would like to write a review do let me know.

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