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Haiti Relief Effort - Let's do our bit! (London)


Dear Members,

Most of you would have heard about the deeply tragic event in Haiti caused by an earthquake. Millions of people have been severely impacted and thousands have died.

The people of Haiti are going through a particular difficult time and I hope that all of us can make a contribution to ensure that their lives can be somewhat restored.

I have asked InterNations HQ and all InterNations Ambassadors to do all they can to support the Haiti relief effort.

To make a donation to the Haiti relief effort you can choose a number of relief organisations. I would recommend the following:

Disasters Emergency Committee ( Protected content )
British Red Cross ( Protected content ).

Remember to tick the Gift Aid box in order to maximise the tax efficiency, and therefore value, of your donation.

Thank you.

Going forward, should we as members work on a future project to help Haiti (eg build a school through our donations)?

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