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Help! Estate agent process in London


My husband and I are currently looking for a place to buy in London. It is a little different to the US in that the norm is to register with many estate agents. We registered with a bunch to get as many options as possible and we are getting bombarded with calls and emails- from telling all these agents the same requirements over and over- to having to register with the agents who are selling houses we like and house tours with random different agents- finding a house has turned into a second job.

House hunting in the states was way less complicated and more enjoyable since you typically have just one person finding the properties for you. Does anyone know if there are services like this in London?? I don't need an explanation of what the differences are and why they are that way- I have done a lot of research- I am just wondering if there is anything in London that makes this easier- like one person who communicates with all these estate agents for you who is NOT your personal assistant? Or if you have gone through this process, do you have any advice? Do I have to sign up for international house hunters? Or is that all staged? (Kidding about those last two questions.... but not really...)


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