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I need a room asap (London)

Hello everyone,

I have been receiving emails reminding me of here. I have never forgotten here but before September, I was having a very tough life. I wasn't quite an 'expat' according to the standard here so I haven't been coming. Now I am working back in a school in Brixton as a teaching assistant. Still not earning much - at least much less than what I used to have when I was a teacher back in my hometown.

Now, for some reason, I separately want to move out of my current room, which I only have moved in for a month but slept for 12 nights. I love the previous room very much but I was requested to move out due to the moving in of my landlord's girlfriend this month. I am not very hopeful to get something here coz I know that the offers provided here are way more unaffordable for me. Just trying my luck. Anyway, I am still happy to let the founder/manager/representative know why I haven't been here.

Long post, excuse me. Thanks for reading all (if you did).


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