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Ideas I've done if you have good contacts. (London)

Side income stream leads for anyone with strong network.

Firstly, via a large investment brokerage: A private networking package has been created for them for new business introductions, so expats or anyone with large contact list should do well. Those that can introduce a good number of clients, small or large.

The returns can be exceptional. Not a one off fee but ongoing income generating monthly payments in line with corporate profits; for the life of the introduced accounts.
I've been doing this myself on the side for about a year, so if anyone else thinks they can do it, I can easily link you in as well. Good company excellent record.

Also anyone with large casino contacts across Europe or North America. Had a email asking me if I knew of anyone to assist in a new marketing project, they need large scale introductions to casinos over a vast area. Not a big earner but may get a little something depending on the contact.

Last one is for limited appeal to most - for property brokers/introducers - they are looking for any large residential buildings vacant/lease to purchase, includes development sites with full planning. In major city locations. London being of major interest to a large number of investors.

London: Large residential properties, development sites; they want anything with a London postcode. Portfolios, current leased buildings, vacant possession buildings, run-down properties with good locations for excellent enhancement potential etc. min 2M-100M, Also small time: Severely run-down houses to buy in excellent locations for large reconstruction projects. You'd get a intro fee from them, if they buy it.

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