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Interviewing in England (London)

Does anyone have tips on mastering interviews here in England? I've done some research, but it's always helpful to have candid advice.

What is the typical interview process like from start to finish?

Specifically, I've run into a type of skills-based interviewing method that is new to me. Going in, and after some research, I was under the impression it would be a typical behavioral interview where you are asked to describe situations from your work history, your thought process and the results. However, the interview actually focused a lot on asking me to list specific skills related to the job instead of my thought process.

Two questions about this. 1) Isn't this already on my resume? Hopefully, they would not have asked me to a second interview if they weren't convinced my skills were up to par. 2) What is the rationale/goal for this interview style, and am I supposed to be hitting on a certain number of skills from the job description before I "level up," so to speak?

Thanks for any insights!


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