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Japanese physicist looking for financial job (London)

I've finally found that it's quite difficult to become an Einstein. I've been a theoretical physicist for a long time, but now am thinking about changing careers to earn more money and/or to enjoy my life.

I've quit my job recently and am now staying in Barcelona for a vacation. Some English people I met in Barcelona recommend me to look for a job in London. That's why I'm visiting this London Forum to ask for advice.

I don't have any experience of working in the finance field (I've read several books on investment and on physicsish finance fields, and I'm making some investment by myself, but I don't think I can count them as experiences).

So, I don't have much idea how to look for a job. It would be nice if I can talk with some agents that are familiar with the finance field. I would appreciate if anyone could give me information about such agents.

Actually, my English is quite good for a Japanese (I can pronounce a consonant not accompanied by a vowel), and I can communicate in Chinese and in German. In addition, my writing is even better than speaking in each language. But personally I feel that my specialty is mathematical stuff more than the languages.

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