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Job search in the Charity or Cultural sector (London)

Hi everybody,
After one month in London now (was in Paris before), I'm at the beginning of an exhausting job search in the Charity/Third sector or in Arts/Cultural organisations, with an expertise in Communications. I say exhausting because as you know each organisation has its 'Carreer' page with a looot of forms to fill and it appears to me that I waste a lot of time repeating the same info about me instead of actually moving forward and making myself visible by recruiters. I know... there are some very good websites dedicated to posting job offers fo both sectors (Charityjobs, Artsjob, Harris Hill, TPP, Morgan Hunt, Guardian jobs, and so on), but most of the time, it's the same: one is redirected to the organisations' corporate website.

So, before my hair turns grey while trying to be efficient, one offer after the other, I'd like to ask you whether some of you have some useful advice about the best process/attitude to have in order to meet recruiters in person in this area (I don't know it so well yet as I was working in the advertising/marketing sector before) and then be able to at least use my time explaining my motivations instead of filling forms endlessly. After all, communication is more about establishing links between ideas and people than filling forms, isn't it?

Thank you for your help, Internations friends!

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