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Lämmin - Luxurious High Quality Hooded Scarves (London)


I’m a new member and I’m writing to you to present Lämmin - our luxury fashion accessory project, and to bring your attention (and your readers) to our current funding campaign on KickStarter: Protected content .

A little bit about us
“Lämmin - high quality hooded scarves” originated from an ancient Finnish concept and we’ve now captured it as a finest ‘Made in Italy’ accessory ( Protected content ).

Lämmin was born in spring Protected content , when a particularly well designed clothing accessory fascinated Marianna: it was a thick wool scarf decorated with a hood. This first ever piece was handmade by the Finnish textile designer Minna some years before. Lämmin came to life with the conviction that the ‘Made in Italy’ quality label adds even more value when it comes to clothing, a guarantee; boosted by materials’ superiority; detail to attention; and a real care for fashion envied around the whole world.

Why we’re getting in touch
As we’re sure you know - all early projects require funding in order to grow and that's why we are now listed on KickStarter (the principal crowd-funding website) to help launch our first collection: Lammin-luxurious-high-quality-hooded-scarves - Protected content .

One of the main ways for us to reach (and exceed) our goals and actually bring our project to life is through lots of high quality exposure and publicity. And that’s why we’re getting in touch with you - a leading icon in the connection space.

We would really appreciate your support with this. If you could please let us know what you think of our project it would be most appreciated (and if you like it, don't hesitate to donate!). Of course – we will be more than happy to include you in the ‘Friends of Lämmin’ section on our website too if you wish.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,
The Lämmin Team

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