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Landmark Forum/Africa/Suggestions (London)

Hi All,

I wanted to share something with the London community and tap your minds for a project I have in mind.

I recently did a programme called the Landmark forum. It basically works in 3 parts - the first one, called the Landmark Forum, focuses on the self - basically, it made me look at where I had gone wrong with certain aspects of my life, principally eradicating past issues that had been affecting my present being - for me, in particular, in relationships, mental peace & happiness. It was a very liberating, powerful and eye-opening experience.

The 2nd part, called the Advanced Course, looked at how I relate to my environment, irrational mental reactions to peoples' perceived actions, and how to achieve a breakthrough there.

Now I am embarking on the 3rd part - called SELP (Self-expression & Leadership Programme). This focuses on a project, in an area that interests me, but focused not on the self, but the community I belong to. I have to design & execute this project, which can have an infinite scope.

I went to business school in the US - and noticed a distinct lack of students from Africa. While economic causes are seemingly one of the obvious drivers, when I worked with the Admissions Committee, I realised that a lot of African applicants don't receive the tremendous guidance that applicants from India, China, Latin America (amongst developing countries) have access to. This manisfested in their lower GMAT scores, poor quality of written applications, etc. On one occasion, my school rejected a guy with decent academics, work experience & a recommendation from an ex-President of Nigeria for those very reasons. I am certain there is scope here for us as a community to step up to the plate, and provide a service, on a not-for-profit basis, to b-school applicants in Africa or even African aplicants to Western Universities in general (not necessarily b-school), based on our own experiences as applicants and students in these intstitution.

Would really appreciate any thoughts from you guys on the above, or any other idea that may sound sensible to you.

Thanks in advance,

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