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Let's cook Japanese SUSHI & Specialities in London

**This lesson is for women or men who learn it with women.**

Hi, I am Japanese.
I like cooking and I have a food licence in Japan.
I teach Japanese food in London.

I would like to teach how to cook SUSHI and Japanese REAL FOOD !
It means Japanese home cooking = Mom's food!!
We have lots of local specialties.
These are absolutely tasty!!

If Japanese ingredients are expensive and difficult to buy in the UK,
I will teach you useful ingredients instead of Japanese ingredients.
In my opinion, we should cook Japanese food which how to cook easily and not expensive
because I would like you to cook Japanese food as your daily meal !

Would you like to cook SUSHI and local specialties ?

About class====================================
・The lesson will hold your house and use your kitchen.
・The lesson fee is £20 / per person ( It is total cost : ''lesson fee & ingredients'' )
・If you do not live in Zone1-3, the cost beyonds transportation.

If you have any questions please send me message.


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