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Let's cook SUSHI & Japanese ''Mom's food'' !! (London)

Hi, I'm Japanese.
I've been living the UK for 11 months.
I like cooking and I have a food licence in Japan.
I'm teaching Japanese food in London.

I'd like to teach how to cook SUSHI and Japanese ''Mom's food'' !
It means Japanese home cooking food!!
We have lots of dishes except SUSHI.
These are absolutely tasty!!

If Japanese ingredients are expensive and difficult to buy in the UK,
I’ll teach you useful ingredients instead of Japanese ingredients.
In my opinion, we should cook Japanese food which how to cook easily and not expensive
because I’d like you to cook Japanese food as your daily meal !

Would you like to cook SUSHI and Japanese Mom's food with me?

About class====================================
・The lesson'll hold your house and use your kitchen.
・The lesson fee is £20 / per person ( It's total cost : ''lesson fee & ingredients'' )

If you have any questions please contact me.

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