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Looking for participants for a university study (London)

Hi everyone,

Queen Mary University of London is currently carrying out a study into the experiences of people who have relocated to the UK within the past five years and now live in London. It's in the form of an online questionnaire that asks for the personal opinions of the respondent. It has been approved by the ethics board of the university and anonymity and confidentiality for all participants is ensured.

I am the research assistant to the lead researchers Dr. Janelle Jones and Dr. Miguel Ramos.

I was wondering if you had any suggestions how I could contact recent expats/migrants who live in London. For instance if there are groups you think might want to participate or individuals who may have good contacts.

And of course if you are interested yourself, please do send me a message or ask questions in this thread. For everyone who participates there is a small thank you of a £10 Amazon voucher or a £10 donation to UNICEF UK.


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