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Looking to hear from immigrant experiences (London)


I am planning to move to the UK with my family, somewhere in the second half of Protected content , meanwhile I am looking for informations and planning for the best.

I would like to hear from expats or people who moved in to London with their family and what kind of advice they would give.

Especially interested in:
- Kids education issues (adaptation to local education, exams for entrance, etc.)
- Kids language acquisition issues (How did they learned the language, what language did you keep talking at home. etc.)
- What to expect for the local cultural communities (specifically the russian speaking/baltic community and the french speaking one - if anyone has anything to share)
- What to expect from the locals? I mean I lived in the UK a few time but always as a student and in the south of England. I reckon London is probably quite different.
- Perks of being European? Or the lack of it?

Feel free to share down here in the forum or just to PM me or we can have a Skype coffee at some point.

Thanks a lot and Happy new Year everyone!

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