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Mandarin 普通话 (London)


I am looking for a native mandarin speaker who can provide 1on1 tuition as I am looking to relocate to Asia with my family in the near future to Asia.

I am looking for somebody who knows the vocabulary typically used in business situations. Ideally somebody who is qualified, enthousiastic, loves teaching and has teaching experience and used to teach in Taiwan, China, HK etc and has a neutral accent e.g. Beijing Mandarin Accent and / or Taipei Mandarin Accent and does not use ANY English in the way how they communicate in Chinese.

Please mail me to discuss with more details and your profile and your phone number.

Qualified Confucius Institute teachers who want to do a part time job are encouraged to apply.

MBA students / not qualified teachers are welcome ONLY if you can translate entire English annual reports into Chinese including financial statements and notes to the financial statements.


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