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Hello, I am visiting London very often because of my boy friend lives here in Chelmsford.. I speak English very well . I am eager to know new people, places and different culture. I love to help people and i am very helpful!, sociable and optimist.. I do not like to spend time on problems i love to find solutions in a short time. I love travel . My Compuer skills are very good. I am also web designer but i love to spend time on web design on my free times.

Is there any companies that looking for someone will work for them which has contact with Turkish companies in Turkey.

I am Turkish and if i find a job in a company and work for between Turkey and England will be very good for me and i am sure will be very helpful for the companiesas well.

I worked for Mitsui and Company in Istanbul for 5 years and i was very happy to work with the people from different nationality.

Please let me know if there is any chance for a job.
Thank you very much for your time ...
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