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Need Info for EEA Family Permit Holder (London)

Dear All,

I need information regarding my status in here. I am a married spouse of a Bulgarian national. I am currently holding EEA Family Permit. Do I allowed to work under that visa?

Another question is, I know that people will suggest me to apply for Residence Card. Is there any specific requirements to apply this Residence Card as a family member of EEA National? Is there any minimum income requirements and minimum savings requirements? I tried to google it but get no luck about it.

Please help me here because I got many calls from the employers and all of them asking if I am allowed to work here. I think I am because when I'm applying for EEA Family Permit, there is a question if I am planning to work in here and I said yes, then they still give me the visa. However, the employers are not sure about that so all of them suggested me to apply residence card. Before I apply one, I need to know the exact requirement first.

Please help.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


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