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Never give up, never surrender (London)

After over a year of job hunting, I keep telling myself the same sentence, never give up, never surrender.

It is SHOCKING that after years of work experience in various areas (marketing, events, PR, program management), I get ignored or turned down because I do not have UK experience. My CV has been deemed as nearly perfect by a few recruiters yet they can't get me an interview let alone a job.

I've never had issues getting a job in the US, Australia and France (which I turned down because I was relocating to the UK). Yet I arrived to this country and have struggled in a way that only those of us who have been job hunting for over a year would understand.

Yes, marketing and events is a competitive area that is over saturated BUT never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would take so much work, effort and time to yield no results. I keep plugging in in hopes that this will change.

Why is UK experience so important? Culture? Work Ethic? Language? In my humble opinion those of us coming from English speaking countries have similar backgrounds to UK standards (if not better). No UK experience no job but if no one offers you that opportunity then how is anyone facing this obstacle going to get the "precious" UK experience?

Never give up, never surrender!

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