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Preserving French culture in London


I am a third year BA Geography student at the University of Nottingham and I am currently writing my dissertation, which is worth 40% of my final degree. The premise of the dissertation is a research project and I have decided to investigate, in depth, the lives of French people living in London. I intend to understand the way in which French culture is exercised, persisted and ultimately preserved in London. I also wish to gage the reasons why French people decide to move and settle in London. I would like to assess whether this pattern of migration is due to economic, social or cultural motivations and finally evaluate the extent to which the London-based French community values the French language.

I am writing to you to ask if you would be willing to undertake this questionnaire or circulate it amongst your peers, with the hope that I can gain some insight into the complex lives of your local community. All participants will be offered anonymity if they wish to undertake the questionnaire, furthermore I will provide a summary of the research project in order for all participants to understand the aims and objectives. I should also like for it to be understood that all data collected would comply with the Data Projection Act of Nottingham University. The questionnaire is on the url link below and takes roughly Protected content to complete.

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I would really appreciate your assistance in circulating these questionnaires for French people above the age of 18. There is currently a significantly small volume of geographic literature concerning French people living within the UK since the turn of the century. I believe that the research I am undertaking will produce interesting and important results on the subject of your community’s complex lives and I would be more than happy to share my final work with you and anybody who has decided to undertake the questionnaires.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me via email or you can contact me on my mobile number:

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Yours faithfully

Will Greenhill

London Forum