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Riots and Looting in Britain (London)

Hi All,

I have submitted a request to create a new group called 'Britains Broken Society'.

The concept and idea behind it will be to use schools as a platform to reach out to some of the teenagers within the local communities who do not have a positive role model to turn to for guidance so I will be looking for people who will be prepared to pass on the benefit of their experience and act as mentors. I too even though i'm busy will of course be doing the same but there is only one of me so the more people I get on board the better, even if we get through to several of these kids it would still make it worthwhile.

Thereafter, I want to give them a better platform for their voices to be heard through the media and MPs, and try to find solutions to tackle the problem of them not having any activities to do. My hope is that the business community may be more supporting as it not only affects us but their businesses also so maybe the bigger corporations might be able to provide some sort of contributions towards the activities.

This is by no means a project that will happen overnight but i'm determined to try and give something back to those youths as although they were only a small minority they certainly made their point and I think these issues have been bubbling under the surface for a while and things came to a head.

I hope this achieves the desired response as the more heads we can get together the better as we all have to take some responsibility for our community.

There is an argument to say that Britain is a broken society lacking community spirit. I know that we have pulled together after the recent incidents but we should stand united irrespective of such instances so I think there is some teeth in the expression but I hope this brings everyone closer together.

Let me know your thoughts and I hope I can find a lot of internations members that are as passionate as I am on trying to make a difference in this area. It's too important and issue to ignore so we need to find solutions and actions to these issues.

The concept is not about finger pointing and finding scape goats. It's about reflecting on the recent events and finding positive solutions forward as they are tomorrow future so we must try and help where we can.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will keep you up-dated - fred

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