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RUNNING small new biz looking for young co-owner (London)

Hi this is a valuable business opportunity if you have the drive to grow a running small business and an entrepreneurial spirit to become co-owner.
If you are interested to take over the lead on operations in a tiny BUT ALREADY PROFITABLE small business that is currently 90% online and automated.
(less than a year of trading)

NO INVESTMENT NEEDED AT THIS STAGE (I have got 2 small investors lined up that I can bring onboard relatively fast) however, the business is currently financially self sustained and profits are re-invested as you might expect from a small biz.

I'm a serial entrepreneur I have started this but I am involved in two other companies and I don't have the time to put into this to grow this business to millions in revenue which is where it belongs as it is sitting on a £4Billion potential untapped market (that's for the UK alone).

A little about me:

As a person to work with I have been defined by young professionals that have worked with me as inspiring which is probably one of the best compliments I have ever received : See my LinkedIN profile for this or other reviews: Protected content

Now about the business and what's the plan:

As of now: I have a conversion rate (visitors to purchase) of over 4% for U.S customers and 3%+ in UK. Protected content of data)

It's a E-commerce Protected content Shops selling 2 lines of products to PREVENT HANGOVER and take care of your liver health if you drink ANY alcohol
(yes that's right and they work too)

The general objective plan is to become the #1 webshop and co. for anti-hangover products and liver health introducing later in time our own product.

What I am looking for:

I am looking for someone with a good understanding of web marketing and e-commerce (Ideally experienced but can be trained if a smart fast learner) who wants to part-own and grow a small business that is ALREADY RUNNING and TURNING profits (35%+ gross).

The trade volume is tiny right now (around 6K in a few months from start) and needs someone who can put the hours/work/operations in exchange for equity.

The person can be located anywhere but very good command of English is crucial (current sales are U.S. UK). If you are interested or know of someone that is PM privately for more info.
Most of the clients seem to be women (not all of them) so women entrepreneurs are very welcome.

PS: It CAN (but not looking for investor) be also a small (5k to 200k MAX) UK investment opportunity also available with up to 60% tax incentive under SEIS back if you have a UK salary.

What needs to be done in terms of priority which the new co-owner will have to take part, manage, test, source etc..

1) Transfer existing ecommerce content into new CMS (wordpress based)
2) Take Over social media pages Protected content on FB) social media acc. and improve
3) Take care of the live chat to be implemented in the new site
4) Develop Off line-on-line sales referrals through coupon codes
5) Grow the existing off-line accounts
6) Manage Email marketing campaigns (we have lists of over 10'000 people) yet to do the first campaign (after new site is launched)
7) Create and manage new content for the website weekly/monthly etc.

If you are in London we can meet if you are a serious candidate.
If you are anywhere else we can talk through Skype.

Call me for more info

Protected content

PS: CALL ME or TEXT ME I might not answer messages on Internations as I don't check it OFTEN.

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