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Serge Thoraval's fashion statement rings on Sale! (London)

I want to sell two Serge Thoraval's rings as a set. For people who are not media savvy for fashion, I have to note that his jewellery is generally reckoned as a edgy and fashionable statement, since he was presenting at Paris Fashion Week a lot before(and now too?). All fashionable people used to rush into his shops before(and I presume that still now).

Although I've bought them a while ago, these jewellery are very very good condition as almost brand-new! ,because I've hardly worn them so far.

It's shame that I can't post the photo here, but I can send you the one if you could give me your email address.

I have a silver chunky stone ring and a gold-plated unusual designed 5-set-rings.

The silver one is made of Silver Protected content smoky stones. All stones are not missed. Quite heavy. The gold one is plated gold. A French poem is inscribed,but I've lost the translation. (It's something sweet or beautiful. Something impressed me. That's why, I've bought them). The silver one was about 30,000 yen and the gold one was 20,000 yen. Now I want to sell these for 25,000yen(*of course, it's going to be transacted in Briths Pound in this transaction. We will work out the rate!; Protected content .
[***25,000yen is £191.67 for the current rate.]

These rings are very cool, classic style yet edgy fashion statement jewellery.

Check the history of the jewellery designer on Google, if you want to know about the designer. In Japan, his items are available in the stylish H.P. France.

Please contact me if you are interested. My email address is Protected content

Thank you.

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