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Thinking about relocation to UK ! any chances? (London)

Hi All.. just new here.. and i am really impressed , i have been introduced to the InterNations site while my net search on living and working in UK !! well.. I am Egyptian, female of 42 y/o, living and working in United Arab of Emirates at the moment , that is since Protected content , after i moved from Italy where i lived and worked for almost 7 years Protected content Protected content , and I am really considering moving again to Europe , where exactly ?? not sure but most preferably to UK , along with my daughter ... i have been working since Protected content the field of administration and office support , presently in the capacity of PA to CEO with my present employer .. i speak fluently Arabic , as well as English, French and fair Italian... surfing the net for such reason; of working in UK; i got to know that i need an offer from an employer whom by his turn apply for a sponcer certificate for me then only i can apply for a visa ! well.. i need your feedbacks in this regard .. would it be a good step ?? specially these time while economical issues everywhere ! to me ... i would really want to go for it .. but would love to hear more advices from people on site .. Thanks in advance .. Amany

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