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ToDo List, European expat moving to UK (London)

Hello Londoners,

I've recently moved to London after spending 3 years in Belgium and I would like to prepare a doc for people like me, kind of checklist of things.

So far my list is like,

0) Go to the bar and order yourself, no one will come to your table to take orders =P
1) Get a pre-paid gsm cards
2) Flat hunt / flat sharing (web sites to search, how to search neighborhoods,etc)
3) Get a bank account (proof of adress)
4) Apply for NI number
5) Apply for credit card
6) Switch to a pay monthly gsm contract
7) Get a fixed internet connection (checking speed, deals,etc)

etc, etc... It is far from becoming ready, but I will be filling more and more on each obstacle I face. I'll be glad if you can participate on things you came across, things to be done.

I have one thing still bothering me, Do you know if I should register with the police or the municipality?

Thanks in advance and have a awesome easter monday,


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