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Twitter Marketing - A Quick Free Guide


Always Be Listening – Social media is a great tool. A lot of people teachyou “how to market your product” which is the wrong way to start marketing. You should always start by listening. Going straight for the sell will be a bad marketing if you seem to pushy.

Be Personal - Nobody wants to talk to a salesman. Everyone wants to talk to a human being. You have to be personal and approachable to people. Gain the trust and you will get the sale and earn friendship along the way.

Communicate – Communication is one of the most important. You have to learn how to communicate with your customers properly. My advice would be think of them as a friend and not a customer.

Don’t Make it A Business – The bad method is going to twitter and looking at it as a business or how to earn a quick buck. The right way is going to twitter and looking at twitter as a way to help your customers and finding a way to solve problems on twitter

Engage - Engagement is important. That is why there is “social” in “social media”. Don’t forget that.

Follow – It is not always a good way to WAIT for followers. Go LOOK for followers instead of waiting to be followed. Make sure you’re following the right people.

Goals - What are your goals? Are you looking to help customers with their problems? Are you looking to gain new leads? Always have goals before you set up your twitter strategy.

Help – Helping people on twitter is important because it helps to build a great relationship. Always be genuine when helping others. Don’t fake it. It can be seen.

Hope this helps.

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