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URGENT- aupair needed from 1 Sep in North London

Hi there,

I am a single mom from Germany, however consider myself rather European than German ;) . Aysha was born in London and went to nursery there. For the past 4 yrs we have lived in Germany, and are now returning to London end of August.
We live in Archway, Northern LIne, Zone 2, very close to Camden Town and Islington, to the centre (Leicester Square) approx 20 min on the tube).

I am looking for a warm, caring, reliable and responsible au-pair who is ideally a native speaker of German to ensure that Aysha keeps up her German. And above all: is flexible!

I am working as a freelance IT consultant, and depending on the project work from home or have to go to the clients´ office every day. But I also occasionally I will have to stay away overnight away somewhere in a different city/country for business. In this case the au-pair will be required to stay at home alone with Aysha overnight. This can sometimes happen at very short notice, so flexibility is KEY! Typically, this is 1 night, 2 nights at max. per trip, and currently I have maybe Protected content per month.
However as I said, this changes often at very short notice and there are very busy periods, where I´m away for Protected content every week, then again months on end at home with only Protected content during the entire time.

Above all, I am looking for a warm, responsible person, who has a genuine love for children, and truly enjoys spending time with them. Someone, who will look after Aysha Fleur, as if she was her own sister, reliable, mature, with good common sense and the ability to make her own decisions and give Aysha good direction. Someone who will always make sure that Aysha Fleur is safe, in good health and well cared for.

You should be comfortable with being on your own with Aysha Fleur taking her to school and other activities on your own (typically by tube, bus and train)..

Aysha is very curious, intelligent and energetic, smiles and laughs a lot and is extremely affectionate - so someone who doesn´t like cuddles is not for us! ,-).

Most of the time she is a real angel and very easy-going. But as most children she is also very strong-willed and hard-headed, though, and will try to test this on you. So will need to be able to stand up to her and be prepared to go through the occasional battle, if required, to teach her that she cannot always have it her way! ;-)

I treat our au-pairs as members of the family, and despite some bad experiences we´ve had with unreliable au-pairs, we are still in contact with all those, who have stayed for more than a few days, and are still friends after all these years. (if you want, I can give you their details and you can get in touch with them to see what they have to say about me ;-)

People tell me that I am warm-hearted, empathetic and fair. I have been an au-pair myself many ;-) years back, so I can relate to someone in this situation. Should there be any disagreements or problems, I prefer to bring them out into the open and try to find the best possible solution for everyone involved.

The only thing I will not be flexible about or tolerate, is unreliability and neglecting Aysha, not giving her the love and attention she deserves! As long as she is loved and taken well care of, and the basic house duties are fulfilled, I am very easy-going, flexible and accommodating to all your needs, wishes and desires.

Ayshas father is Italian, and on the rare occasion comes over to see Aysha, or to take her Milan. Once also one of our aupairs took Aysha to Milan on her own.

You should already have some experience with children of that age, checkable references would even be better.

For more info and photos, please see:
Protected content

We am looking forward to hearing from you,
Stefanie and Aysha

Telefon: Protected content

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