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We’re looking for 3 kids that speak FLUENTLY in their native tongue, as this film will be translated across Europe, the Middle East & Africa. Therefore they shouldn’t have an English accent when speaking their language. What’s important is they should be able to ‘perform’ naturally in front of the camera. We would preferably like Boys for these roles but if you have a girl who fits the brief please submit her.
£190 for the shoot day.
If it appears on the internet for one month then there is a further fee of £380
If it appears on the internet for one year then there is a further fee of £760
Option (ie this is not confirmed but may happen): £ Protected content 6 months internet, 3 months TV per market as per markets listed below:
England, Germany, Spain, Middle East, Russia, Poland, USA, Australia, Thailand
OR £ Protected content 6 months internet (global) 6 months TV global
IF YOUR CHILD FITS THIS BRIEF OR YOU KNOW ANY CHILDREN THAT DO PLEASE SEND ME A PHOTO OF THE CHILD to Protected content or call me on Protected content SOON AS POSSIBLE as we would like to meet any perspective children this Monday IN LONDON 13th January (possibly Tues 14th instead) – I will ensure we can meet them after school. Protected content
Thai South Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese
Age Ranges
From Protected content . They have had difficulty finding children from these countries who speak the language. Obviously Australian child speaks English but they need to have moved to this country quite recently otherwise they do not have an Australian accent.
We are happy to see siblings, friends
Physical looks
An interesting range of shapes and sizes, not necessarily all
classically beautiful and thin.
Shoot day to be confirmed but looking like Jan 29th Protected content

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