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VoIP Phone services / Very Cheap Phone Service (London)

Hi All,
If anyone is interested I can set you up for being able to call home and have people call you for very little money.

I provide you with a pre-configured box that you just plug a regular phone into so you can make and receive calls at home (or whereever the box is plugged in). Calls can be automatically forwarded to your local mobile if you don't answer the home line. I will also configure your smart phone (Android or iOS only) so that you have the same service available on that device as well.

Since I set this up for myself I spend around 10/month for all my long distance, living in London and having multiple companies that I run in the US, this has been a great money saver for me.

Cost is $100 USD or £65 GBP for the setup and hardware. Monthly costs are your phone number ($2-$4/month) and whatever you spend in long distance. If you're interested let me know, I can get you set up usually within a day.

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