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Hello, My name is Meital, and I moved to London from Israel (with a year in France in between) about a year ago. In the past year, I've encountered two of the enormous obstacles London can offer to its newcomers: opening a bank account and finding a flat. I've also managed to get lost within TFL a few times, find a nursery for my kid and cope with this horrific heatwave. In these weeks I've also marveled on the city's gems: Free museums, pub quiz, watching the world cup in the pub, and pubs in general (And of course meeting new people and shopping and eating, and everything is fantastic here, really).

In this last year, I've also befriended a Belguim producer, who moved her with her family, and we started talking about all that, about settling in a new country and a new life. We talked and talked, as it happens, and we came up with an idea: to create a podcast of real stories of expats, with all the glory and agony in them.
We have the idea; we have the narrative expertise (I'm a published author); we have the sound expert (Céline is a sound editor); Now we need stories. About your first time in the supermarket, the first time in the home office, your most surprisingly pleasant experience, your most profound shaming experience, about your home country and about the reasons you decided to come here.

If you came to London in the last two years, and you might be interested in participating in our podcast, we would love if you could please feel the form and we will be in touch.
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