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What to do and Not to do when Arrests Begin (London)

What to Do and Not Do When the Arrests Begin

Drake has published this notice over at Freedom Reigns. Undoubtedly
it’s a good reminder. It’s a bit black-and-white dualistic, but….
Have some cash and food on hand please. Thanks to Jaya.

What to know

1. Bankers/Illuminati/Cabal/ Government have been running the world
and doing bad things.

2. White hats including old money, military, veterans, federal
marshals, and local law officials are going to arrest them.

3. Media may say it’s martial law and try to spread panic, but the
actions are lawful and benefit humanity.

4. International travel will be stopped for 3 days. Some facilities
wired to explode will be off limits for safety.

What to do

1. The goal is to transition peacefully and safely. There will likely
be disruptions in local travel, food supply, water supply, and
electricity. Make sure you have necessities for 72 hours and ideally
30 days.

2. Remain calm. Support the troops and law officers that are arresting
thousands of criminals guilty of heinous crimes against us all.

3. Research stories on the internet to assure yourself that the
arresters are good and the arrestees are bad.

What Not to Do

1. You are going to find out that the cabal have done terrible things
to you, your family, and humanity. Don’t believe that every one of
them is as guilty as the leaders. Some were forced to act and were
threatened with torture.

2. Don’t panic.

3. Don’t turn on each other.

4. Don’t riot.

5. Don’t run into a bank and start shooting people.

6. Please just try to be calm and work together to meet the needs of
your community.

Everything will be ok. The world is about to go into a Golden Age.
First we must cleanse.

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