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Will you stick to your new year resolution? (London)

Last stop before the ride turns into a roller coaster (again!)

Flash forward: January 5th, you had a great Christmas break but now trying too hard to be hopeful for Protected content you do not feel that you are sitting at the driver’s seat…

If only they would have given you the position you wanted, the school fees were lower, they could have given you a sabbatical, your family could have travelled more often to support you, if only, if only, if only… It is easy to get cross with the conditions around us but it is also possible to take charge and decide how Protected content going to end for you… Make it worth celebrating!

As it is not January 5th yet you still have time to take action to end this year with the decisions you make with your mind but also with your heart. This time you can have a real new year resolution and stick to it with pride!

What the ‘last stop’ has to offer:

Coaching for individuals. Do you relate to one of these?
-I want to decide and act on my short-term and long-term career plans.
-How can I do a good job search and come across solid and impressive in job interviews?
-I want Protected content be different and I am ready to go through transformation!

Coaching for organisations. Can some members of your organisation benefit from these?
-We want motivation to be back on its feet!
-Prepare for the year-end appraisal and meet the objectives before then
-Prepare the right individuals for the pipeline
-Help our newcomers and expats adapt to their new environment

Training for organisations. Can your employees benefit from these (long or short) workshops?
-How to manage appraisal meetings
-Setting SMART objectives
-Giving and receiving constructive feedback
-Competency based interview skills

Bespoke HR solutions for organisations. Would your organisation be interested in having one of the projects?
-Create a new employer branding for Protected content
-Implementing a performance management system
-Training needs analysis and creating training plans
-Assess the level of employee engagement

Let’s have a chat to find out how one of these offers can help you or your employees to be at a better place at work and in life… Have a different situation? Let’s talk about it too.

Warmest regards,

Melda Ekmen
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