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Winter is coming for all my Brits out there! (London)

Just thought I would share a blog article from my company Xoom with you. Bundle up everyone!!!

Britain is experiencing a surprise cold snap that has caused freezing overnight and thick frost in the morning. Fortunately, there will be some relief from the chilly temperatures in the coming days, according to The Daily Mail.

"This sort of weather is far from unprecedented for this time of year, but it is noticeable because of autumn being a season of contrasts," Met Office spokesman John Hammond told the news source. "Only a few weeks ago we were enjoying temperatures as high as 20 Celsius."

Many Brits are likely used to cold temperatures, but traveling backpackers may not have been prepared for the turn in the weather. Those who have loved ones visiting the UK may want to send an international money transfer using Xoom to their rambling relatives to pay for extra blankets and warmer outerwear.

Though temperatures are expected to rise over the weekend, Hammond told the news source that there will likely be a second cold snap at the beginning of next week due to an impending shift in wind direction.

According to predictions from, many regions of the UK will experience below average temperatures in November and December, with a dry, cold January to follow.

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