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Workshop with Ron Holland (London)


Workshop with Ron Holland
Top Biz Guru

Russell Hotel, Russell Square,
London, WC1B 5BE

Exciting Event

Including Lunch

Where you will be personally coached by Ron Holland, the best selling author, motivational speaker and Business Maverick.

What The Press Say About
Ron G Holland

The Press:

…..the incredible Ron G Holland, quite
possibly the very greatest business
and self development guru in Britain.’
Fleet Street Publications

‘Business Guru who practices what he preaches’
The People

‘King Millionaire Maker’
Business Opportunity News

‘Britain's Leading Motivational Speaker’
Success Now

‘Top Business Guru’
The Guardian

‘Genial Genius of Selling’
Brisbane Reporter

‘Master of Success’

‘ The entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.’
Business Opportunities

‘Top Biz Guru. Over twenty five years of
Making Money

‘This man can help you raise the money you need…Guaranteed!’
Success Now

‘Genius Business Maverick’
Success Formula


Download the free best seller “Talk and Grow Rich” to your PDF or Protected content

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Eureka Enigma comes out September 1st

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Get back to me once you have actually read one of the books.

For details contact Davina Nicholas

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