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Your opinion wanted: InterNations Running Dinner (London)

Dear Members of InterNations London,

we, the InterNations Team, are striving to offer you a great community experience and are constantly trying to improve our platform. Thus we are currently thinking about developing a new feature which we believe fits very well with the idea of InterNations: The InterNations Running Dinner.

In addition to the big monthly events, the Running Dinner could provide another, however different, way to connect with like-minded expats and global minds in a smaller and thus more personal setting. In order to make sure that such kind of new feature meets your wishes and ideas, we would very much appreciate to get to know your opinion and feedback.

How the InterNations Running Dinner works:

Here is a short explanation for all of you who have not yet heard of Running Dinner concept:
You, the InterNations members, will be able to register for a Running Dinner event on InterNations and will be grouped to teams of two – or you can also sign up as a complete team. Each of these teams gets assigned one course (appetizer, main course or dessert) to prepare for themselves and two visiting teams. For each of the two remaining courses you will be a “visiting team” and go to another team’s home to eat and get together.

Thus, all in all you will meet two new teams at each of the three courses plus your assigned partner making a total of 17 new global minds to get to know personally. The main idea of the InterNations Running Dinner is to meet and connect with a diverse group of international people. Please do not confuse it with any kind of dating service.

It’s fully your team’s choice what to cook – it doesn’t need to be the hippest nouvelle cuisine, but of course it could be an idea to offer your guests a taste of one of your home country’s favorite dishes.
InterNations would be the organizer, would take care of the team assignments and provide you with the necessary timetables and directions.

Now we would very much like to know what your thoughts and ideas on this matter are:

1) Would you be interesting in taking part at a Running Dinner organized by InterNations?

If yes: Why?
If no: Why not?

2) Do you have any additional ideas that would make a Running Dinner a really good (expat) experience?

Thanks a lot for your feedback and input!

Your InterNations Team

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