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Hispanic people as a REFUGEE in Canada (London, Ontario)

Hi all.
My name is Roberto Mendez, im from Guatemala, and im looking for help, gangster members of MS18 Are asking me money in exchange for my life, saftey and of my family, i contact all To all the police agencies, researchers and the public prosecutor's office, seeking protection and research, also i contact the Guatemalan United Nation office for help, and everybody is telling me that the best way to ask a COUNTRY for help is going to that country and when you get there ask for help as a refugee, but i dont want to do this until i get more information and procedures, my question is if i can get CANADIAN VISA here in Guatemala for me and my family and then we travel to CANADA, and as soon as we get there ask for help as a refugee, the Canadian Gov, will help us? is there any place that can help people like me?

PLease i need all the info you can get me, i really apreciate for your help, i really afraid something happen to my family and i here in my country.


Roberto Mendez

London, Ontario Forum

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