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5 Reasons Why Dating Like An Expat Woman ROCKS (Los Angeles)


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#1 You Can Kiss…And NOT Tell.

Think about it. Your family and old friends are thousands of miles away from you-in another country. Unless you facebook/twitter/Instagram/wechat/pinterest/youtube every single moment of your love life to your social connections back home, you can literally be as naughty as you want in your dating/relationship adventures as an expat woman-without dealing with your family’s weird looks or your childhood friends’ interrogations. So go have some fun dating; explore what works for you in relationships; and make mistakes in love. You will thank yourself later for all the precious lessons you learn from this carefree self-exploration opportunity in your expat love life.

#2 Your Love Life Can Be As Glamorous As You Post It In Social Media.

Your expat life may be real to you, but to your family and friends back in your home country, it’s really just all the posts and pictures you keep uploading in social media to keep them updated. This rocks because while nobody’s love life is perfect, you can “direct” a flawless love life online to show your family and friends back home. Let’s say it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re dateless again. Don’t worry. Go get yourself two dozen fancy roses from your neighborhood grocery store, take a picture, and post it on all your social media channels with the subtitle-Best Date Ever…You’re not lying here because you can always argue that you had a date with yourself in your living room that night. But no one back in your home country knows the behind-the-scenes story and their jealous comments on your post may even boost your ego and confidence so you actually go out and find a great date for yourself.

#3 Depending on your cultural/language background, your dating pool can be doubled/tripled/multiplied.

Next time when your girlfriends back in your home country complain to you about the lack of quality men in their lives, you know that’s your cue to remind yourself of how blessed you are. Being an expat woman gives you the best opportunity to learn a new language, experience a different culture, and (wait for it) meet more interesting men. Seriously, your dating pool should be at least doubled the moment you start your expat life. So take full advantage of it and in case you haven’t tried, dating/being in a relationship with someone from a different country is the best, fast and most enjoyable way to master a foreign language, explore a new culture, and open your heart and mind to different ways of enjoying life.

#4 Your Date/Partner Will Never Know Your Awkward Love History Back In Your Home Country.

If you’re like the majority of us, you know you have some awkward (or gulp, embarrassing) stories from your high school and college days that you desperately want to hide away from people-especially your new date/partner. Those moments could be of you stalking the hot guy in your class (for an entire school year); your ugly crying spells when your high school sweetheart texted to break up with you (while you were waiting in line in a Starbucks); or (gulp) you never had a boyfriend back in your home country, etc. Whatever the awkward or embarrassing moment is, you, as an expat woman, can pretty much forget about it and focus on “rebranding” yourself in your new life now (The real guilty ones are not encouraged to do so, just sayin’). Your date/partner in your current life will never know unless you volunteer the information. *Wink*

#5 You & Your Partner Always Have A Place To Travel To For Vacation…With Free Food & Housing Provided.

When other couples are working on their budget in order to afford a vacation somewhere, you and your partner will always have a place in the world to travel to-your home country-where food and housing could be provided for free by your generous and loving family and friends. This reason especially rocks if you’re an expat woman from a country as big as China with a history as long as 5,000 years… (Translate: lots of places of interest to explore; lots of exotic food to try; and lots of vacation money to be saved.)

(More FREE relationship advice for EXPATS on Protected content

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