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Are You An Expat Looking For Love? (Los Angeles)


I can help- Protected content

Building a career while starting a life from scratch in a foreign country is one of the most challenging things. I've been there (and made it through alive! :)).

However, no matter how successful your career is or established your life is abroad, do you always find something missing-because you don't have a special someone to share it with?

More importantly, when your family and close friends are thousands of miles away in another country, do you often wonder how it feels like to have someone who loves, accepts and supports you unconditionally-right by your side? And how does it feel like to build a Home of your own away from home?

That's what I'm here for-helping you put that one last missing piece to your life and making your most cherished dream in life come true: finding love while working and living abroad- Protected content

I'll see you there! : )

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